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'Sup i'm Jan!
Since you clicked this I guess I'll tell you more about myself
Or you can scroll down to see some cats.

I've been drawing ever since I was a wee lass. I was very much The Art Kid in school, so it's of little surprise that I'm still drawing well into adulthood, fated to a future of carpal tunnel and poor posture.

I absolutely love animals, especially bunnies and cats.

Currently I'm visiting family in Canada, but I live in Mexico with my husband who is absolutely the pechuest bebbu in the whole cosmos Together we have 4 cats who you can see below. Fun fact! If you refresh the page the pictures change (maybe).

My hobbies include but aren't limited to cooking & baking, playing the same 2 games over and over again, learning about web design, watching horror movies, and reading. Aaaand trying to learn how to speak spanish as well!

Our cats

Kiku Boye


Godang that is one chonky boye. This guy always has something to say. Literally he is always sleeping and when he isn't sleeping he's burunya-ing all day every day. 10/10 would rather be eating than anything else. Very sweet and will purr when you scratch behind his ears. Originally we named him Kiki after the AC character but it kind of changed to Kiku over time lol.



The prince of darkness and last of the Pamuranians! Even tho he was born at the same time as his siblings, I still think of him as the baby of the group. The one with the tragic backstory (he almost died as a baby ;;) It's okay, he came back even stronger and more fierce. Lizard hunter extroaordinaire. Do not mess with this boy unless you want to risk losing a limb (except his parents because he loves us :3)



The smoll girl. Do not be fooled by her size and cute looks, Kiby-kiby is crazy. Despite that, she is still quite sweet and enjoys sleeping under the blankets or on our face. We called her Kirby because as a baby she never stopped eating. Ironically she ended up the smallest of the bunch. 10/10 will try to steal your chocolate. I'm... not kidding. My husband insists that "Kibu" is her real name, but that is utter nonsense and he is lying.



An absolute gremlin, and the newest member of our family. We found her on the street one day in rough condition, so we took her home and... well you know how it goes with cats lol. Okay I joked about the others being crazy but I think this one is actually insane guys. Very spunky. If you are looking for an infinite source of energy I'm pretty sure this cat is it. Stinky.

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look at all these cute kitties tho!