a r t - s t a t u s

This is a section where you can see the status of all artwork I'm working on for people (commissions, patreon requests, trades, etc)

If you are waiting on art and have any questions about your drawing, please feel free to PM or email me! Sometimes things come up, but I'm always happy to let you know what's happening with your art ^^

Patreon requests

Name Month Art Status
Josh Spicer April Ashley doodles 100%
Josh Spicer May Alexa illustration 100%
Palucina March White haired girl 100%
Emuz March / April Noriko ACNH 100%
HiziProjects March Disagaea mage 100%
HiziProjects April Kris 100%
HiziProjects May Teha 100%
Palucina April Midna 100%
Alex Brown April Kitia + Vahk 100%
Palucina May Nyx 100%
Alex Brown May Alice 100%

In progress

Name Month Art Status
HiziProjects June Shiranui Flare Starting Sketch
Josh Spicer May Alexa sketches pending
Josh Spicer June Vampire pending
Josh Spicer June Vampire sketches pending
Sean April ??? pending
Sean May ??? pending
Sean June ??? pending
Alex Brown June Aysha Sketch Starting
Emuz May Michiru Sketch Starting


Name Art Status
DarkStarz-Inc seraph COMPLETE
DarkStarz-Inc elf COMPLETE
DarkStarz-Inc witch Sketch Starting
DarkStarz-Inc demon pending
Josh Spicer Aurora Ref Sheet pending
Carlos Ballin Orphea bust COMPLETE
Xirix Lunara Squirrel oc ref sheet pending
Tyler Crocker Jr. Aniri Kwalsh pending

Trades & Other

Name Art Status
Mectro15 redesign of Ritsu COMPLETE
Patreon Poll Remilia (June) Lineart Started