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oct. 02 / 23

Celebrating the completion of the commission page

It took forever but I'm finally more or less done with the Commissions Page!

Uh, they're still not open atm lmao, but I got the pages to be functional so that's good news for me P:

There is also now a Waitlist section, so if anyone out there is really itching to commission me, I can put your name down!

Lately I've been having problems coding my website on my own laptop, so I've been having to use my husband's PC when he isn't busy, which is what contributed to taking so long. Well, that and working on art.

ANYWAY that's all for now.

Happy October is here!! And hope everyone has a great day :D

sep. 21 / 23

Enjoying the peaceful days...

I think it's safe to say my life has gone back to normal.
My experience in Canada was so chaotic and traumatic, that when I came back to Mexico it felt for a long time like I would never be okay again.

I would wake up with my heart feeling like it was bursting out of my chest or someone was strangling me.

I cried a lot. But I also started journaling a lot and reflecting on what happened. Lately I started to notice I don't wake up anymore with that chokey heart-racing feeling. Overall I feel more calm.

My days are now filled with working on commissions and personal projects, and playing Minecraft to wind down lol.
I like it that way and I hope this peace can continue for a while ^^

sep. 02 / 23

Going insane

I think I am just working on too many things at once lol.
I start to feel like I'm getting nothing done and progress feels so slow. I am getting them done though. Maybe I need to focus on one thing at a time.

Currently working on:
- A character ref sheet
- 2 drawings with 3 highly detailed characters each
- Another ref sheet lol
- An art process video
- A new banner for my socials

Also about commissions, I keep wanting to open them, and then one of my regular clients asks me to work with them again, so I keep getting more commissions to work on and I don't even technically have them open.

XD Well, either way I am very grateful!

aug. 05 / 23

Working working working...

Well I wanted to be done that commission sooner but you know how life is lmao. In fairness, it's a large and detailed work.

I've noticed with big commissions there comes a point where I start getting discouraged and want to give up. I'm actually past that point and just trying to focus on getting it done, but there's also other things I want to get done as well.


The balancing act is rough lol.
Here's a preview tho!!

Currently I am working on getting the commission page functioning!! That's going to take some time as well. But I need money sooo LOL.

I'm also working on designing characters to sell in an adopt auction. Never done that before, but I just wanna see how it goes. Maybe it'll be good! ^^

Lately I've gotten into using Obsidian to help get myself organized, which is much better than whatever system I had going on before (there was no system o_o;;). I really like it so far but I've spent so much time making my homepage look pretty... I gotta refocus myself. Here's a preview if you're interested tho!

Anyway dunno what else to write here, just felt like saying I am DOING THINGS AND GETTING THEM DONE!!! It's just gonna take a while for the results to show XDD.

Hope whoever's reading this has an awesome epic gamer day!!

jul. 24 / 23

Things are looking up!

I've really been focused on my mental health lately and doing what I can to get my life back on track.

This month I had the goal of finishing 2 painting videos, and I actually managed to get that done! You can check them out here:

As well as finishing a huge commission I had been putting off for a long time. You can see it in the Gallery, but here's a preview!

Currently I'm working on another really detailed commission. It's taking a while, but definitely a lot of fun since it's a witch and full of purple, two of my favourite things!

I should be able to finish the witch by the end of the week, and then I plan to get started on my patreon backlog. It's been WAY too long OTL;;;

Anyway, I hope whoever is reading this has an awesome day!! XD


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