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jan. 06 / 23

pixels.... love it

i'm really into using the binary pen on sai so expect some more sketches using that XD. That really rough pixely look, yeah, inject that into my veins.


jan. 05 / 23

Mind officially gone

so i thought that my colours on mobile were messed up because when I looked at it on my phone it looked darker than the way it looks on my pc. Got some friends to check it out... apparently it was just my phone being on dark mode lmao.

Well thank god I don't have to do that!! I was NOT looking forward to trying to fix that.

jan. 02 / 23


I hope everyone had a good near year eve!! I didn't really end up doing anything lol. That said, I am happy 2022 is over finally. Idk, I just like the feeling of a fresh start, especially after the holidays. December is usually a rough month for me emotionally. January makes me feel motivated to actually pick myself up out of the dark hole and get things done.

Not much for resolutions either , but this year i would like to work on not letting things bother me as much. I hope everyone has a good 2023 and may you achieve your goals!!

dec. 31 / 22

goooooodbye 2023 you will not be missed

I have drawn so much shit today it's kind of ridiculous lol. Anyway, I hope everyone has a good 2023!! This last year was a shit show, but well... I can hope for the best, can't I? XD

Anyway have a Vivian to end things off~

Happy New Year!! :D

dec. 25 / 22

time doesn't exist you can't change my mind

I actually don't know how tf it's Christmas already lol. I hope whoever's reading this had a good one, or at least got to eat some yummy foods!

It was pretty much just another day for me, albeit with turkey included. Very chill day. Also I somehow managed to finish my gift art for my friends in time!

what are they playing??


it me

Welcome to the blog section.

Sometimes I write here about things going on in my life.

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