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mar. 04 / 22

What even...??

I wrote another email to my dad, asking if he's alright and to clarify that in my response to his novel email I didn't mean to sound judgemental or offensive. I guess I got worried cause he hadn't responded to me for a while and worried if I hurt his feelings lmao.

Well he said he's fine and wasn't planning on responding. So... yeah I dunno what the point of all that was oh my goodness. I wasted soooo much time writing a response to his email for basically nothing XD

feb. 27 / 22

My dad's a bit special

Dude, yesterday my dad sent me this huuuge long ass email going on about Trudeau (PM of Canada) and Putin and the covid mandates and my god I don't caaaaare lol.

The best part is I didn't even ask anything about this? He just like.... wrote a novel, without prompt. I really think this guy needs to write a book or something. XD Well he has nobody else to talk to, and clearly had a lot to get off of his chest.

feb. 10 / 21

Long post.. Hospital time

So last night I had to visit the local clinic, which is kind of like a mini hospital too? idk Anyway I has having like severe abdominal pain to the point I couldn't really move or walk or anything. My husband was worried it could be appendicitis.

it was going on for hours so finally we just dragged my ass to the clinic at around 9 pm. i got put in a room with 3 beds and the doctor came and checked me and then they decided to hook me up to an IV for some kind of pain treating fluid lol. The nurse started putting on some gloves and then I was like shit I'm allergic to latex, so we told them and they decided to proceed, without gloves. Breh.

and holy shit, the nurse trying to put the needle in my arm was having a rough time. It was THE most painful IV needle I've ever had to endure. Also for some reason she was doing it like... on the.. top side of my wrist? It was so weird lmao.

Anyway she couldn't get it to work so another nurse came and put a new one on my other hand like a normal human being. That one kinda hurt too but dude, the first one was brutal lol.

I started having a panic attack cause my husband left for a little bit to go talk to the receptionist to fill out my info, and the whole being hooked up to an IV was freaking me out cause I was like "omg is this actually serious am i gonna die" I've had IVs several times in my life and none of them really bothered me, but this time was really scary u_u;;

Anywaaaay I just kinda lied there for a long time. On one of the other beds was some 2-3 year old kid who had eaten soap and some Pinol (some kinda pine based heavy duty floor cleaner) of all things. Not sure what they were doing to her but she was screaming her face off which was really hard to listen to. My heart goes out to that kid, really hope she's okay now.

Eventually another doctor came and I was transported via wheelchair to a different room and promptly given an ultrasound.

I am pleased to report that nothing is seriously wrong with my internal organs. They did however, find some kind of loose fluid around my ovaries or something, which is abnormal but not serious I guess.

Went back to the original room with the beds, another doctor came and started pressing around my stomach area. Still was hurting a lot, so despite the ultrasound he said he can't rule out appendicitis just yet. I lied on the bed some more and the pain died down quite a lot. I guess the meds kicked in? xD

They decided I could go, so we went to the receptionist area and she was like "it's 2000 pesos". Well shit man, we only had 1500 or so xD. So my husband asked if he could go home and get more money while I waited there and she was like "yeah okay".

So yeah I sat there waiting on the couch all zonked out from medication and just being really really tired cause it was around 2 am at this point.

Apparently my husband was running home and the freakin cops stopped him lmao. They asked where he was going in such a hurry and he just said he had to go to the clinic and they were like ohh okay carry on. He came back, payed for my visit and we slowly walked home.

And after all that, I got an allergic reaction from the tape they used to keep the needle in my hand xDD

feb. 04 / 21

Kind of a long post... Life updates

You ever redesign a website and look at your old code and wonder what you were thinking?

Yeah that's me right now lol

Last few days has been doing nothing but working on this site as much as I can I also did a LOT of cooking yesterday for some reason.

Seriously I made guacamole, carrot-zucchini cake, some kinda chicken with peppers and corn thing, and a HUGE thing of dough which I used to make cheesy bread. I blended up some lettuce and leftover carrots / zucchini and used it to make the dough cause I didn't want the lettuce to go bad and I know that sounds really weird but it's honestly freakin delicious xD.

Froze the rest cause there's seriously so much idk what happened lmao. You know what happened? I didn't follow a damn recipe that's what!

Also lately my husband has been working on making a.... enclosure in our yard, for our kitties. We got a bunch of wood and chicken wire and it's starting to look really nice actually :D

Our kitties constantly wanna run away, which honestly wouldn't be too much of a problem, but unfortunately we live in a bit of a rough neighbourhood atm and it's quite dangerous ._. There's also a lot of other crazy cats around here and we don't want anyone to get hurt. Honestly this is for the best. He also installed some wooden platforms on a tree with a little house on top, so they have something to climb on. Well they seem to like it anyway xD

My next goal is to get our plants looking a litle nicer. And maybe get some more? Apparently it's time to start planting seeds! I'm excited. I tried planting vegetables last year and well, basically all of them died due to various circumstances.

I dunno shit about gardening haha. I've just started composting so I'm hoping this year will go better. Also gotta look into natural pesticides, and figure out a way to keep the kitties from digging in the dirt xD

Anyway, back to work!


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