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dec. 03 / 22

Mind officially gone

Just watched A Beautiful Mind and then also Treasure Planet, and well.... What I can say about those is that they were certainly movies lol.

Both of them feel soooo all over the place my mind feels kind of broken now.

nov. 26 / 22

well there's a Vivian


Been doing MS Paint drawings the last couple of days and having a lot of fun with it.

I'm considering adding a section in the Gallery menu just for MS Paint. Maybeeee? I'm not really sure how long I'll keep up with this lol.

So much of my energy was being put into re-doing this site I feel sort of lost now like idk what to do with my time, even though there's still things I need to work on

nov. 24 / 22

Have I finally done it....?

Am I done? Is this really it? I mean, there's still a few things I gotta do, but I think it's actually done.

There's really only the Commissions and Art Status page that are needed, and the rest is like, stuff that I need to make art for, so obviously not tonight.

Sort of in a state of disbelief though. I never thought I'd get this far. I was having the feeling it would never end, and woke up with a serious case of self doubt this morning. I thought I should just give up on making this site. But fuck all that noise lol. I'VE DONE IT. You can't stop me, brain.

Now gotta see how well neocities is going to handle all this.

nov. 21 / 22

The end is in sight

I'm doing it. I'm finishing this site if it kills me.

In all honestly, a huge motivator for me to even make this site is my absolute disdain for social media and algorithms and whatever the heck else.

Like instagram's tagging system drives me nuts, twitter has got to be the worst site for artists by far, deviantart is doing whatever it's doing...Not to mention the sheer lack of total customization (aside from tumblr I guess??).

I just like that this is my own little corner of the internet and I can basically do whatever I want with it lol. Call me oldschool, whatever, I don't care XD.

mar. 06 / 22

Just a girl and her code

I am trying so hard to get the code working for the way I want the gallery section to be. But my god it is proving to be hella difficult. I'm actually pretty frustrated writing this XD Honestly think I'm at my limit today and gonna do something else.

In other news, bebbu's friend decided to show up unnannounced? So, I'm just kinda sitting here chilling staring at my code lmao

Also last night someone out in the world was burning a LOT of garbage. All night. Like literally I went to bed, and woke up, and it was still going. My throat hurts lol.


it me

Welcome to the blog section.

Sometimes I write here about things going on in my life.

Not the most exciting thing in the world, but feel free to read if you're nosy curious.

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