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feb. 01 / 21

New Year, except I'm writing a month late

It's been a long time since I touched this site (again lmao)!!

Also very late, but happy new year to anyone reading this! I hope it was a good one for you :D

Actually I don't know what to say, but I would like to make a goal this year to update here more often. Maybe get things more organized, do more journal entries, who knows lol.

I am working here and there on a new layout for this site, it's just going very slowly. Originally in January of this year I had planned to use the month to catch up on a huge back log of art I have.

Several things happened in January that made that fairly difficult as my mental health plummeted. I don't really want to get into it now but maybe for a future entry.

Lately I've started using a planner to get organized with my art. Even though January wasn't as productive as I would have liked, I still did catch up on a fair amount. I'm hoping this month will be good and I'll get lots done!

Really need to work on my organization skills to not let this happen again in the future. There's many things I wanna do, and being stuck with a huge back log of art forever isn't one of them xD. I love drawing art for you guys but I really wanna draw my own ocs and stuff too ya know? :3

Anyway will talk later! This time I think I'll put a reminder on my calendar to actually make a journal entry here ^^

jul. 31 / 20

The great cat litter shortage of 2020

Today for dinner I made veggie pancakes! I love this shit, they're super fluffy and savoury and uhh healthy I think?? xD

Yesterday my husband and I went out to go get cat food and some other necessities. It's a bit worrying these days because more people are out now that more stores and the parks are open again. The driver of the bus we got on was telling people he's sick and that they absolutely need to have a mask to even get on the bus. After getting off we totally doused ourselves in hand sanitizer lol.

For some reason we cannot find cat litter anywhere??? Like I dunno who's buying it all, or if the stores aren't re-stocking properly. Last week apparently there was 4 packed shelves of it in one store, and now there's absolutely none anywhere xD. The cats are starting to get used to just going outside, so i guess it's okay.

I finally got an email from my dad yesterday. Haven't heard from him in almost two months haha. You know, if I had a kid who was in another country during a pandemic, I'd be emailing them every week making sure they're okay. I'm starting to realize my parents probably don't really care about me that much ╮(︶▽︶)╭ I'm old enough now, I think it is time to move on with my life and focus on the important things.

jul. 29 / 20

What is my life

I can't believe August is almost here. I haven't touched this place in a while lol. Been super busy trying to catch up on this huge back log of art I've had for a long time now. My life these days is literally wake up, make coffee, tidy up and then proceed to draw for 10+ hours xD.

That said, I am really grateful to have so much art to draw. Everyone's ocs and stuff has been very lovely so far.

Yesterday I opened up ko-fi commissions! I only put 5 slots cause I didn't think anyone would really care but they all sold out haha. Spent the day working on those.

Anywaaay I have a lot more art to do but I also need to maintain my sanity and health. Maybe one of these days I'll fiddle with this website again lol.

My husband says he misses me these days while I'm working a lot. Now I'm starting to feel a bit sad and guilty for drawing so much.... I don't wanna neglect other aspects of my life. It's a good time to reflect and try to find balance in our lives.

I hope whoever reads this has a good day and stays safe and healthy during these crazy times.

jun. 09 / 20

feels bad man

I think I'm getting sick again lol. Yesterday was pretty brutal, I thought I got food poisoning from the night before or something, but I still feel bad today? My whole body hurts more than usual, my head is spinny, really nauseous, though I don't think I have a fever. dunno where my thermometer is rn so I can't check xD. I kind of just slept all day yesterday, maybe I should do that again today haha.

Also I've been working on another side website lately! It's for stuff that doesn't really suit my art site here.

Other than that, just trying to catch up on all these patreon drawings ٩(◕‿◕。)۶


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