s i t e - u p d a t e s

Feb 01 / 21

▸ It's 2021 already can you believe it? Heh.

▸ Okay I've just realized that the way I've set up my art page codes is a little messed up. Write that under "shit I need to fix" lol.

▸ In fact, why don't I just make a list of all the things I gotta do here xD

  • Fix all the art page codes
  • Get links to art on "complete" page
  • Commission info page
  • Finish the new layout
  • Stop forgetting this site exists and update it regularly

Oof, many things. Gonna take a long time I guess. orz Wish me luck! :D

July 31 / 20

▸ Okay so my art status page was getting kind of ridiculous with all the "completed" ones lmao, I've added a link to see a page dedicated to just those.

▸ I do want to get links to all the arts, simply because I think that would be cool ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

▸ Now that I have a page dedicated to complete art, I want to also add the rest from my "to-do" list I have on my pc >:D

▸ Also I noticed parts of my "OCs' page are kinda broken when you click the pictures so I gotta fix that sometime...

▸ Aaand I also want to add a page for commission info, as currently I have it on tumblr but it's kind of a pain to access (and tumblr keeps breaking my page links D:). Not to mention now that I am offering ko-fi commissions, I want to have something about that, and gumroad..?

▸ Basically have been neglecting doing much on this site otherwise because I am currently catching up on ... so many art.

▸ Well I see today's update entry is mostly plans I have for this site, instead of actually showing anything lmao i'm sorry (':

▸ Lastly, somehow this site has reached 10k + views on neocities and I have no idea how because I don't really go out of my way to show this site to anyone, but thank you nonetheless! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

June 09 / 20

▸ Updated the art status page. It's got a table now that's much easier to read.

▸ Welcome image is changed. Now features my oc Rannika :D

▸ It has come to my attention that my set up using iframes is... not ideal lol. Especially if I want to link specific pages. Probably should have seen that coming but it's a problem I'll have to deal with eventually. Hopefully soon.

▸ I am currently working on a sister site for this, which I'll be posting stuff not related to my main art.

▸ Hey guess what I made a new icon lol

May 25 / 20

▸ Updated the banner for this site to be 88 x 31. Before it was 88 x 35 because... I don't know ヽ(U・ω・)ノ

▸ I kinda wanna change the banner though to match my current theme. It's kinda funny clicking a blue / purple / green picture and it leads you to this dark red black hellscape 。゚(TヮT)゚。

▸ Also added a page for my ocs!! This was really tedious, and there's still more to do but I'm happy to have it here now.

May 23/20

▸ Added some new hover related features!

▸ Hovering over menu items now changes its bg colour

▸ I went through my (current) entire art gallery and made it so when you mouse over an image, it displays the title and medium used. Also the images are more like... uniform in size lol. idk it just looks nicer imo

▸ Also the art gallery section has a top horizontal menu now :D

▸ edited "about" section... i dunno i'll probably change it again soon xD maybe i will include a section on that page for listing my personal favs, hobbies, etc??

▸ also adding a Commission / Patreon status page! This is more for me to keep track of things, but also to be transparent about artwork I owe people!
That said, i am very behind on things rn... m(_ _)m

▸ Also I think I would like to have a diary / blog page lol

▸ Also also! I want to have a separate page for sketches and wip arts, as well as stuff I've done for commissions / patrons.

▸ Okay I think that's it today lmao a lot of things I'm sorry :')

May 19/20

▸ Uhhh god it's been a long long time since I touched this website lol.

▸ Added more artwork to the gallery section! Now includes 2017 and 2018 galleries.

▸ Gonna put 2020 art next and hopefully get it better organized in the future xD

▸ Changed the links page, got rid of some stuff, made a new links pixel art thingie??

▸ Also added like a transparent hover thing on images.

Mar. 16/19

▸ working on gallery sections, i have a lot of artwork so this is gonna take a long ass time lol.

▸ debating on adding a guestbook??

Mar. 15/19

▸ Completely redesigned everything. Will have to work on the gallery sections again and get them organized.

▸ also want to fix link section for social media.

Mar. 02/19

▸ I think I'm dead now

▸ Worked on gallery sections as well as doodles section.

▸ What is real life

▸ Also added "older" section in the gallery for art done before 2017.

▸ Need to sort that though.

Mar. 01/19

▸ Working on the website structure.

▸ Making sure all the links and main files are in the right place.

▸ Will think of decorations later.

▸ Experiments with blog posts.

▸ Planning to have 10 posts per page, make new pages and link to them once you scroll far enough lol.

▸ Working on site aesthetics now.

▸ Made a banner for links.

Feb. 28/19

▸ Learning more HTML, CSS.

▸ Figuring out what I want to put on the site.

▸ Planning various things such as how to decorate it.

▸ Getting the basic structure down.