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What is "Qixzy"? How do you even pronounce that?

It's pronounced "kick-zee". It's actually the shortened form of one of my OC's names. I picked it because every other username I wanted was taken, so I figured nobody on this planet would have Qixzy. I was wrong.

What tablet do you use?

A Wacom Draw tablet. It's fairly old now and I don't think Wacom is selling them anymore lol. Looks like this.

What drawing program(s) do you use?

Paint Tool SAI 2, Photoshop CS5 and occasionally Clip Studio Paint (although my laptop has a hard time with that last one xD). For pixel art I use Aseprite.

How long have you been drawing?

Since I could hold a pencil! However, I didn't start doing commissions and all that until mid-2019. Before it was just for fun, so I didn't improve as much as I'd have liked. :'D

Did you go to art school / take any lessons?

Yup yup yup! In high school I took any art class I could get my hands on the whole way through lol (including ceramics, and photography). During my final year I went to several optional Figure Drawing sessions at the local art university.

After that I attended Vancouver Institute of Media Arts for a year-long intensive course on Game Art and Design. The focus was on 3D modelling and learning software such as Maya and ZBrush, but we did also have several Figure Drawing classes during each week. You can see my very old demo reel here

How long does a drawing take you?

This really depends on what I'm drawing. A simple sketch can take 5 or 10 minutes lol (this is like very rough though

Can you draw me.... XYZ?

Sorry I do not take random requests.

What is ieieQuest?

ieieQuest, or sometimes I also call it Zekei Quest, is this story I've been working on for years now that involves much of my OCs. For something that's been in development for so long, I really should have more to show for it, but here we are lol. Maybe a game, maybe a comic, only time will tell!

Have another question?

me and there's a question mark above my head and it's animated

Do you have some other question you want to ask?

You can ask at my CuriousCat

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