Aug. 05 / 23

Please can you just finish this commission you're almost done PLEASE you can do it I'm begging you. My brain: silly upbeat nintendo music for the silliest of goobers

Jul. 24 / 23

Omg actually what is Elon doing lmao.

Jul. 20 / 23

Feeling really good these days. Working on getting my shit together lmao. Lots to do!!

Apr. 17 / 23

Well life somehow got better. Maybe I will write more about that later lol. For now, I LIVED BINCHES!!!

Jan. 26 / 23

Can everything just stop pls.

Jan. 10 / 23

Dud I don't even wanna begin to start the commission page, even tho I kinda gotta lmao. keel meeee