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So basically I have very little art of her rn, but I am planning on drawing more in the future XD


Aea is another character who low and behold has a tragic back story. Can't get enough of that! At the beginning of ieieQuest, she lives with ieie and is Derk's (oh god, another oc) angelbot. Since she's an angelbot she doesn't speak, but she does act differently than the others in ieie's town. Also her halotennae is often "glitching out". Derk has tried to fix this to no avail.

It is later revealed that she's actually from the WATER planet (as all angelbots are) and was turned into an angelbot because she was planning on revealing the evil practices of the people in power on her planet.

She was also one of the few people able to use magic, and actually holds a lot of power even among magic users. This also made her seem like a threat to their operation, because she could easily make buildings explode and stuff.

Anyway, it's a bit sad for her because she's actually more consciously aware of her situation than the other angelbots. Due to her high magic ability, they couldn't really fully contain her consciousness in the device like normal.

man this is making me depressed...