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Pronounced "eeee"

ieie is a character I've had for a long time now and has been through many changes over the years!

She's the main character from a story that I've been brewing for almost just as long xD. I don't actually draw her that much tho. She's basically a mechanic and engineer who unfortunately loses her arms in a freak accident, and later goes on to try and save her entire solar system.

Weirdly, I originally wrote her to be a villain character, but she has since moved up in the world to Protagonist class.

The little green kid, Zekei, is an angelbot which she finds on one of her scrap collecting adventures. She fixes him up and eventually the two become inseperable.

And then there's a whole side quest involved where they try to find Zekei's mom and it's real sad and stuff.


not reg i promise