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These are some random characters I doodled one day for fun and thought they're really cute so I kept drawing them! :D

Juki is the cat girl, and Coughdrop is the squirrel.

Juki is... some weird combination of my name with my old cat's name "Spooky". Well I just put a J in front of the "uki" sound lol.

Coughdrop came from me going on google translate, putting in the word "squirrel" on different languages and seeing what came up. One of the words also meant cough drop in another language. I don't even remember what language it was anymore, like Ukranian or something lmao. Also I was pretty drunk at the time so... we will never know now

Anywaay, Juki is a girl who enjoys quiet activites like reading, knitting, baking, etc.

Coughdrop loves being outside and playing sports (esp soccer/football), as well as video games.

They live together and are best friends, supporting each others' interests despite the differences.

oh my look at em little guys