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Pixel Art

I've only recently gotten into doing pixel art, so there's not much here,
but this is where I'll post them from now on

My half of an art trade with Sapphy Wapphy
Who requested their cat Cinnamon

Birthday gift for Sapph's husband

omg it's meeeeee run.

I put this relaxing jellyfish asmr thing on and got really inspired for some reason. You wouldn't get it.

For an art trade with muh friend Jexoy

I made a lil secret website a while back for my husband's birthday and these cats went on there. They're our cats btw.

Sometimes you just have the desire to make a pixel art of your murderous oc with a big axe. *shrug*

Birthday gift for muh friend. Not really sure what their handle is anymore, or if they're interested in being observed.

For an art trade with captainhowdie.

You may or may not recognize these from the front page. It's okay if you don't. You have more important things to worry about, I know how it is.

Also for the lil secret birthday website, featuring my husband's pocky witch oc. I don't know if she has a name.

Also for tumblr. Plant.


brick by brick