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jan. 27 / 23

Well... I already posted about this on twitter, but I'm ready to write a bit more here... On January 14th my dad passed away. He had been sick for quite a while, so it's not like it came suddenly or anything. But all the time in the world to mentally "prepare" for the death of a loved one never feels like enough once they're actually gone.

My dad was one of the most interesting people I've ever met. There was nobody else quite like him and many others will attest to this. He was such a wealth of knowledge and information it could make your head spin.

I also admire his faithfulness to, and love for my mom, who he stayed beside for their entire relationship of 37 years. He honestly did everything he could for her.

I'll always remember his patience, eagerness to help others, his bravery for sticking up for what he believed in the face of blind authority, his kindness towards animals, and his passion for work. He was always in pursuit of more knowledge and seeking "the truth". Sometimes I feel like he got lost in the details, but his heart was always in the right place.

I hope you've found what you're looking for now dad.

picture of a double rainbow overlooking a grassy hill that has trees on it.

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