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Commission status: CLOSED (Page last updated: Feb. 01, 2021)

Here's a list of completed artwork I've done for people, including Patreon requests, commissions, Ko-fi commissions, and trades / requests. This section is under construction! Eventually i want to have links to the artworks, and peoples' twitter pages or something, but for now it's just text. Also this list is incomplete, I will add the rest later lol

Completed Patreon

Name Month Art
Josh Spicer April Ashley doodles
Josh Spicer May Alexa illustration
Palucina March White haired girl
Emuz March / April Noriko ACNH
HiziProjects March Disagaea mage
HiziProjects April Kris
HiziProjects May Teha
Palucina April Midna
Alex Brown April Kitia + Vahk
Palucina May Nyx
Alex Brown May Alice
Alex Brown June Aysha
Emuz May Michiru
HiziProjects June Shiranui Flare
Palucina June elf girl chibi
Josh Spicer May Alexa sketches
Josh Spicer June Vampire
Josh Spicer June Vampire sketches
Sean April, May, June, July My Life As a Villainess
Hizi August Xingqiu
Hizi September Shikieiki
Hizi October Komachi
Alex August Sasu
Alex September Hyoketsu
Alex October Trance
Alex November Alinar
Alex December Mia
Alex January Lynn

Completed Commissions

Name Art
DarkStarz-Inc seraph
DarkStarz-Inc elf
DarkStarz-Inc demon
DarkStarz-Inc Forest Mage
Carlos Ballin Orphea bust
Tyler Crocker Jr. Aniri Kwalsh
Mectro Shadow Imp Design
Dark Starz Model design
Creeper Kart Toad oc
Xirix Lunara Ritha ref sheet
verbosimplici Motorcycle girl
DarkStarz-inc Knight girl design
Nixin35 magical ice boy
Jamie FF char chibi doodle

Completed Ko-fi Commissions

Name Art
Mectro15 Velvet + Spark
Michael Dark Grim Katie + Momo
Jessica Wilks Candle
Tyler Crocker Jr. Koma
Dee Parson Rosebuds
Thomas Grout Gift for Hizi (Hanyuu)
Michael Grim Dark Chibi Doodles x 3
Captain Cubes Mukou Aoi
Voidislove Voidling Fizz
Thomas Grout gift for Hizi
Mectro Luna hugging Tsukichi
tsuzukawa Kiyohime (f/go)
Vincent Blue dress girl sketch
Mectro Kami & Digi
Kurb Blue haired bunny girl
Mectro Aura + Vivian
Vincent ocs hugging
Michael Dark Grim Chibi sketches x4

Completed Trades & Other

Name Art
Mectro15 redesign of Ritsu
Personal Sapph bday art