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Commission status: CLOSED (Page last updated: Feb. 01, 2021)

This is a section where you can see the status of all artwork I'm working on for people (commissions, patreon requests, trades, etc)

If you are waiting on art and have any questions about your drawing, please feel free to PM or email me! Sometimes things come up, but I'm always happy to let you know what's happening with your art ^^


Name Month Art Status
Josh Spicer July Karette working on lighting
Alex January Lynn Finishing lineart
Hizi November Cirno pending
Hizi December Letty pending
Hizi January Regular Hizi pending


Name Art Status
Sean Slayers Sorceress Working on post! almost done
Josh Spicer Aurora Ref Sheet starting alt outfits
Hiro Novel cover 1 working on lighting
Hizi Projects Orange + Meiling sketch doing lineart
Emuz Sansho outfit design pending
Michael Katie Ref Sheet pending

Ko-fi Commissions

Name Art Status
Status Ko-fi commissions currently closed while I catch up on back log CLOSED

Trades, Personal & Other

Name Art Status
Personal Remilia working on lighting
Personal Cereza working on lighting
Personal Flarin plant god flats done, starting shading
Personal Vivian bust flats done, starting shading