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aug. 05 / 23

Well I wanted to be done that commission sooner but you know how life is lmao. In fairness, it's a large and detailed work.

I've noticed with big commissions there comes a point where I start getting discouraged and want to give up. I'm actually past that point and just trying to focus on getting it done, but there's also other things I want to get done as well.


The balancing act is rough lol.
Here's a preview tho!!

Currently I am working on getting the commission page functioning!! That's going to take some time as well. But I need money sooo LOL.

I'm also working on designing characters to sell in an adopt auction. Never done that before, but I just wanna see how it goes. Maybe it'll be good! ^^

Lately I've gotten into using Obsidian to help get myself organized, which is much better than whatever system I had going on before (there was no system o_o;;). I really like it so far but I've spent so much time making my homepage look pretty... I gotta refocus myself. Here's a preview if you're interested tho!

Anyway dunno what else to write here, just felt like saying I am DOING THINGS AND GETTING THEM DONE!!! It's just gonna take a while for the results to show XDD.

Hope whoever's reading this has an awesome epic gamer day!!

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